USA Today Gets Caught with a Bogus 'Fact Check' About the Trump Campaign's Use of a 'Nazi Symbol'

Posted: Jul 12, 2020 6:35 PM
USA Today Gets Caught with a Bogus 'Fact Check' About the Trump Campaign's Use of a 'Nazi Symbol'

Source: AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Rumors have swirled on social media about the Trump campaign using an imperial eagle, also known as a "Nazi symbol" on t-shirts. USA Today decided to do a "fact check" on whether or not the claim was true. Of course, they ruled it was "true."

From the article:

The T-shirt for sale on the Trump campaign's website is called the "America First Tee." The design includes a left-facing eagle, holding a round emblem with the U.S. flag inside and "Trump 2020" in a banner underneath. 

Forward also reported the eagle was a stock image, based on sleuthing from Twitter. The stock art linked in the Forward article has since been removed.

Both birds hold another national symbol in their talons, wings outstretched, with the head facing to the right to the viewer, or the eagle's left.

But the designs have key differences. In Trump’s, the eagle holds the American flag up near its chest; the Nazi symbol holds the swastika lower. Trump’s design also features “Trump 2020” below it. The American eagle is also a bald eagle, whereas the Nazi eagle is depicted as an all-black bird.

Our ruling: True

The claims that a Trump campaign T-shirt has come under criticism for using a symbol similar to a Nazi eagle is TRUE, based on our research. But it is worth noting that the eagle is a common symbol in American politics, and is included in the presidential seal of the U.S., as well as many federal departments. 

People automatically questioned the "fact check." After all, the bald eagle is our national emblem and it's incorporated in various ways, from patriotic t-shirts to political logos and official government seals.

USA Today was forced to issue a "clarification," where they explained that the eagle is an American symbol. It was something they thought was "worth noting."

This is the very example of why the American people hate the mainstream media. Everyone has become obsessed with these "fact checks," yet simple things like this are totally bogus. For whatever reason, anything and everything President Donald Trump and his campaign does has to be racist or stoke anti-Semitism. The term "Make America Great Again" has been labeled racist. These shirts are being compared to Nazi Germany propaganda.

The mainstream media needs to take a chill pill. It is possible to be proud of your nation without being a white supremacist. It is possible to honor your country and all it stands for without having some sort of hidden meaning. 

Maybe next time USA Today should sit this one out.