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Cancel Culture Mob Attacks Oklahoma State Football Coach for the Most Ridiculous Reason

AP Photo/Brody Schmidt

CBS Sports writer Kyle Boone on Monday tweeted a picture of Oklahoma State University Football Coach Mike Gundy wearing a One America News t-shirt while out fishing (because, apparently, people in sports are somehow not allowed to have political opinions). One of Gundy's players, runningback Chuba Hubbard, took issue with the picture, saying he refused to have any association with the university until there is some form of change.

This sparked a Twitter debate: should people in Gundy's position have the ability to express themselves politically?

OSU President Burn Hargis said the university plans to "confront inequities and injustice."

Hubbard and Gundy then released a video. Hubbard apologized for taking to Twitter to air his grievances instead of taking them directly to the coach.

This shouldn't be an issue. At all. Gundy is allowed to have his own political opinions. He's allowed to support whatever news organization he wants, regardless of if it's left or right. Our cancel culture is coming after him because he's conservative. If this was an MSNBC or CNN shirt would people be upset? Doubt it. 

Bending a knee to the rage mob just makes them more powerful. I applaud Hubbard for owning up to his mistake and jumping to conclusions before talking to Gundy in person. That's the sign of maturity. Sadly, our country lacks grace.

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