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Former Gangster Drops a Truth Bomb About Rayshard Brooks' Death

Following the unjust death of George Floyd, Americans across the aisle find themselves asking whether or not the killing of Rayshard Brooks was justified. Brooks was found passed out at the wheel of his running car in the drive-thru at a Wendy's in Atlanta, Georgia. Officers conducted a field sobriety test and determined he was driving under the influence. Everything was peaceful up until officers went to handcuff Brooks. Then he began to resist. At one point during the struggle, he succeeded in obtaining one of the officer's tasers. As Brooks fled, the second officer shot him. He later died as a result of his injuries.


Riots started in Atlanta in response to Brooks' death. But was the officer justified in shooting his service weapon? According to Antoine Tucker, a former gangster who is now running against Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez in New York, the officer was absolutely right to shoot Brooks.

"I see brothers and sisters going to the streets in Atlanta and destroying they communities. Then I hear the mayor calling for these officers to be fired and charged without due process. If I was these officers I would sue this mayor because they deserve due process," he explained. "You heard, as the attorneys for this young man said, in Atlanta, a taser isn't considered a dangerous weapon."

"Neither is this –," Tucker said, pointing his camera to a pair of scissors and a mallet behind him. " – mallet or scissors right here. But if you take this mallet and/or these scissors and you go at a police officer with them, you will be shot. You can be shot."

"The suspect could have taken that taser, shot that cop in the face with it and once he turned around, incapacitated that officer, taken his service weapon and then killed him with it," the congressional candidate explained. 

Tucker reminded viewers that officers conducted a field sobriety test and concluded Brooks was under the influence. 


"Everybody watching that knows deep in they heart that was a justified shooting," he concluded. "Atlanta's mayor is a jacka**." 

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