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CNN Becomes Unhinged Because Trump Decided to Golf... Without a Mask

AP Photo/Ron Harris

CNN has made a name for themselves as one of the most anti-Trump networks out there. After all, they heavily pushed "Russia! Russia! Russia!" When Special Counsel Robert Mueller found no collusion took place between the Trump campaign and Russia, CNN focused their coverage on Ukraine and a supposed quid pro quo. Then it was impeachment. 


Anything that is anti-Trump can be found on CNN. So it's no surprise that one of their photographers captured pictures of President Trump golfing *GASP* without a mask on Saturday. Not only was he golfing with a few other people but he was riding in his own golf cart.

CNN thought they had a major "scoop." But their so-called "scoop" instantly became a giant joke on Twitter:


CNN wonders why the American people don't take them seriously. It's because of stupid things like this. The CDC recommends wearing a mask when out in crowded places, like the grocery store, not in the middle of a golf course when riding in a cart by yourself.

Maybe the network should consider spending more of their time and money holding China accountable for unleashing the Wuhan coronavirus on the world.

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