Dana Loesch Gives a Mic Drop Response to Jake Tapper's Claims That Trump Has a 'Smear Campaign' Going On

Posted: May 17, 2020 5:35 PM
Dana Loesch Gives a Mic Drop Response to Jake Tapper's Claims That Trump Has a 'Smear Campaign' Going On

Source: Michael Laughlin/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP

Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch put CNN's Jake Tapper in his place when he complained about President Donald Trump's "unprecedented smear campaign against rivals." 

Loesch reminded Tapper that his network, CNN, made her a punching bag for gun control advocates who packed an arena following the tragic shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida.

CNN held a town hall with Loesch, who represented the National Rifle Association at the time, and then-Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel. 

Loesch pointed Tapper to a thread that showed various video footage of what it was like behind-the-scenes.

Various videos show a much different look at the audience than what most of America saw on CNN.

When CNN advertised the Parkland Town Hall, it was supposed to be a "conversation" and what it really turned into was Dana – on behalf of gun owners across the nation – being verbally attacked and blamed for what took place. 

One of the most somber moments of the town hall was when Emma Gonzalez asked Dana about limiting access to bump stocks and modifications for semi-automatic weapons. Loesch used the opportunity to explain the issues with the National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) and convictions not being reported to the NCIC, which oversees the system. 

CNN used their town hall to push their own anti-Second Amendment agenda. Instead of making sure the audience was fair and balanced, Loesch walked into a hostile environment. She was painted as the big bad bully who wanted to harm children when that was the furthest thing from the truth. In fact, the town hall was designed for Dana to be the anti-gun left's punching bag. 

It's convenient Tapper forgets this. Maybe he doesn't remember being in that room.