WATCH: An Off-Duty Officer Comes to a Hiker's Rescue in His Time of Need

Posted: May 11, 2020 7:30 AM

Off-duty California Highway Patrol Officer Brent Donley was hiking at Angel Falls, located near Bass Lake in Madera County, not far from Fresno. While going about his hike, Officer Donley was alerted to a person who was drowning in the lake. The person was struggling to keep his head above the cold, fast-moving water.

Officer Donley moved quickly and utilized his Adidas backpack to save the man. He pulled the backpack's paracord style strap off, cut it and tied it to a small branch. This allowed the victim to grab on. Officer Donley, along with the help of other hikers, successfully pulled the man out of the water and to safety. 

This is proof that our men and women in uniform are always willing to help others, even when they're off duty.