'I Am Done': Mother Shares Her Frustrations with America Remaining on an Unnecessary Lockdown

Posted: May 06, 2020 8:25 PM
'I Am Done': Mother Shares Her Frustrations with America Remaining on an Unnecessary Lockdown

Source: AP Photo/Julio Cortez, File

Bethany Mandel, one of the editors at Ricochet, on Wednesday shared a thread on Twitter about the Wuhan coronavirus and the need to "flatten the curve." From the start of this pandemic, Americans were told to practice social distancing, wash their hands and stay at home as much as possible. At first we were told to do this for 15 days... then 30. Now it's beginning to seem like a never-ending cycle. 

Even though most areas of the country have reached their peak number of cases and deaths associated from the Wuhan coronavirus, some state and local governments are deciding their residents should remain in lockdown. The problem though? They have no idea of when they plan to reopen. They have no idea exactly what they're waiting for before they decide to let people go about their everyday lives.

It's as though these government officials fail to remember what the term "flatten the curve" means. The goal was to keep the virus from spreading as much as possible. We were told to do this because our health care system could not possibly handle the number of people who would get sick. It was estimated that 2.2 million people would die. That number currently sits at a little less than 75,000. 

We were also told that we would see a shortage of ventilators for those who turned up sick. And again, that didn't happen.

Most Americans are ready to get back to work. They've done their part. They've stayed home. They've practiced social distancing and proper hygiene. But people are out of work. Businesses are going under. People are losing their livelihoods. Millions have filed for unemployment. What they want – and need – isn't a government handout but the ability to go back to work.

Mandel did an excellent job of explaining that sentiment:

As President Donald Trump said: the cure can't be worse than the disease. We can't send our country into a full-on depression because some people might get sick and some people might die. 

The longer we stay locked down the more we're facing other types of crises: starvation, neglect, suicide and mental illness, to name a few. 

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