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AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Now that Mike Bloomberg is on center stage running for President of the United States, his past policies are coming to light. Those of us who are strong supporters of the Second Amendment know that Mike Bloomberg single-handedly funds the gun control groups that aim to disarm law-abiding Americans. What's interesting is that he cherry-picks when he talks about the organization he founded, Everytown for Gun Safety, and its subgroup, Moms Demand Action. Whenever he wants to prove he is a real Democrat or cares about issues the rest of the nation does, he then interjects the amount of money he's funneled into these gun control groups.


During his town hall with Fox News on Monday, Bloomberg was asked about his desire to disarm average Americans while having an armed security detail. His response was pathetic at best. He made the argument that he repeatedly receives threats but the people who he has hired to protect him are "all retired police officers who are very well trained in firearms."

In other words, average Americans are too stupid to know about firearms and the basics of gun safety. Apparently you have to be a law enforcement officer to know those things (at least in Mini Mike's mind). 

He went on to say that the only "restrictions" he wants to see are background checks. Bloomberg flat out lied and said background checks only take place in gun stores.

Gun rights activist and radio host Dana Loesch torched Bloomberg for not knowing gun laws better than he does. You'd think he would be more up-to-date on the issue, especially considering this is what he throws the majority of his money behind and is what he's most known for (besides being the former mayor of New York City).  


Even though Bloomberg repeatedly says the goal isn't to take away firearms or the Second Amendment, in the same town hall he touts the fact that he paid a hefty price to flip Virginia blue, specifically to push gun control. 


The worst part of Bloomberg's gun control group: they manipulate data to create hysteria. Everytown for Gun Safety and Moms Demand Action do things like lump all homicides and suicides by firearm together, which conflates the number of "gun violence" incidents. They fail to make the distinction that most deaths involving a firearm are through suicide.

Bloomberg spent $10 million on a Super Bowl ad buy to talk about gun violence. The problem? His campaign used the death of 20-year-old George Simpson Kemp to claim that 2,900 "children" die every year from gun violence. Since when is a 20-year-old considered a child?

Dana is right. Bloomberg wants to tout his gun control credentials, then he needs to be asked specific questions about his knowledge and his policy merits. The sad part is most journalists aren't well-versed enough in firearms and gun policy to know when they're being duped. 


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