WATCH: Gianno Caldwell Lists President Trump's Accomplishments That Benefit Black America

Posted: Mar 01, 2020 8:30 PM

Fox News political analyst Gianno Caldwell told former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee (R) he believes President Donald Trump will secure the African American vote come November "because this is a president that has provided solutions to the ills" of various policies.

"Let's be specific. What has he done for black America that other politicians promise but never deliver?" Huckabee asked. 

"Well, we can talk about the lowest unemployment rate among African Americans on record," Caldwell replied. "We can talk about the First Step Act, which is thousands of people."

Huckabee pointed out that the First Step Act was bipartisan in nature. Those who benefited from the criminal justice reform change were people who committed nonviolent, first-time offenses yet they faced lengthy prison sentences. 

"It wasn't necessarily race specific, but truly, all of us have to admit, and I was governor long enough to look at sentencing and realize people in the African American community were getting sentenced disproportionately to other people in the culture," Huckabee said. "It was just a reality."

Caldwell also reminded the former governor of one important tidbit: former Vice President "Joe Biden was the architect of the '94 crime bill."

"We're talking about thousands, hundreds of thousands of people in jail," Caldwell said. "A lot for infractions like a dime bag of marijuana. There's been a lot of individuals who had the draconian policies of the '94 crime bill, the '86 crack laws, again, pushed by Joe Biden and the Democratic Party, which has harmed the black community."

"When we think about what policy solutions in which President Trump has offered, the First Step Act is a critical one because we're talking about thousands of people being released from jail, 90 percent of them being African American," he said. "We're talking about permanent funding for Historically Black Colleges and Universities. There's been a lot of policies no politician, where they be a Democrat or a Republican, in my lifetime, that have been passed and implemented by this president that has benefited the African American community."