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WATCH: Steyer's Ridiculous Attempt to Pander to Blacks In South Carolina

AP Photo/Matt Rourke

The 2020 election cycle has been rather odd so far. We've had Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-VT) defending communist dictators like Fidel Castro. Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) continually called herself a "progressive prosecutor" but even the left called her out for it. Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg has bought his way into the election cycle by dropping massive sums of money (almost $1 billion) of his personal money.


While all of those things have been weird, this might actually be at the top of the list (for now). Billionaire Tom Steyer held a rally in Columbia, South Carolina Friday night ahead of Saturday's primary day. The rally included Yolanda Adams, DJ Jazzy Jeff and rapper Juvenile. 

Multiple people shared videos of Steyer dancing awkwardly on stage and Juvenile rapped "Back That Azz Up." The Steyer campaign has dubbed this the #BackThatVoteUp dance... or something along those lines. 

The "Back That Azz Up" song was released in 1998, If that tells you anything. For as much money as Steyer has, you'd think he would try and get a more recent celebrity to play the gig.


But the real question here: who thought this was a good idea? This is the definition of political pandering. South Carolina is known for its large African American population, something former Vice President Joe Biden has repeatedly said he has a strong relationship with. It's rather ironic that Steyer is attempting to appeal to blacks by having rappers at a rally. He's attempting to entice the very people he made a fortune on when they were incarcerated. Steyer made $1.6 billion of his fortune by investing in Corrections Corporation of America, a private prison system. He came under fire for that investment during Tuesday night's debate when Biden pointed out that tidbit. 



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