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EXCLUSIVE: Club for Growth Launches Fellowship Program Aimed at Teaching Free Market Ideas

Courtesy of Club for Growth

The Club for Growth Foundation has launched a fellowship program designed to equip conservatives leaders with hands-on experience and education to show the relationship between a free society, economic liberty, and limited government. The goal is to educate fellows so they can engage the public across various sectors of society. 


“America’s free market is the cornerstone of our democracy creating opportunity and prosperity, but it is also under threat,” Club for Growth Foundation President David McIntosh told Townhall in a statement. “We are launching this Fellowship program to ensure the next generation of conservative champions is well equipped to both explain the many benefits of a free economy.”

The fellowship will include two seminars that focus on different topics. 

Seminar 1 - May 7-9, 2020

Fellows will learn from nationally recognized experts about the underlying Constitutional principles that provide the bedrock for our free society. Topics include:

• Why the Constitution limits government to ensure freedom.

• Why markets succeed and governments fail to create opportunity and promote social welfare.

Seminar 2 - September 17-20, 2020

Fellows will take the knowledge they learned in the first seminar and use it to zoom in on the ugly, but unavoidable side of the political process. Topics include:

• Understanding the legislative process

• How private actors and special interests seek to use government for personal gain

• Learn about regulatory capture, logrolling, rent-seeking and the realities of the political process

Media Training


Both sessions will include media training so fellows know how to frame arguments in debates, the proper way to talk to media outlets and how to get a clear message across different media platforms, including traditional newspapers, online media and broadcast networks. 

What's Included?

In order to be accepted into the program, applicants must commit to attending both seminars. The Club for Growth Foundation will cover hotel accommodations, meals and session materials. Airfare, transportation and incidental expenses are the fellow's responsibility.

Who Should Apply?

Young professionals who are interested in conservative thought and politics and want to advocate for free market principles and limited government should consider applying.

Those who are want to apply can submit an application online, which includes a resume, references and a personal statement.

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