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Trump Campaign Manager Brad Parscale Reveals the Strategy for Winning in 2020

AP Photo/Eric Gay

As Democrats are focused on impeaching President Donald Trump, his campaign manager, Brad Parscale, and the rest of the team are focused on victory come November. According to Parscale, the Democrats' sham impeachment process has energized the president's base and helped them fundraise.


"[Impeachment is] bringing in so much money. The fundraising is out of this world. We raised $463 million last year, which is a record. The president is continuing to have a great fundraising month. Every metric we have shows the president up since this happened," Parscale told Fox News' Judge Jeanine Pirro.

The Trump Victory Campaign and the Republican National Committee know impeachment has energized and activated the base simply by looking at various metrics. 

"We send out emails and ask people to fundraise off different items," he explained. "We can see the wallets open up over impeachment. Emails, text messages, communications about impeachment."

Right now the campaign has $200 million in the bank, which puts them far ahead of the game. Last time around, Trump's team didn't start fundraising until June of 2016. 

In addition to successfully fundraising, the president is expanding his ground game, which gives him a greater advantage than in 2016.

"Our ground game operation is night and day. We are in 17 states. New Hampshire, Nevada, New Mexico, Minnesota. We are going to be ready in all the states," Parscale said. "We want to win back the House and we are working with the party."


Pirro asked an important question: why 17 states and how are they determined? The campaign manager said it's based on traditional swing states that they must win, like Ohio and Florida, with the addition of states the campaign wants to "shore up," like Arizona, where they're fairly certain they'll win but they want to make it certain.

"Then you have the expansion map, like Minnesota. Budget in all of 2016 to win Minnesota for the Trump campaign was $35,000. Now it's tens of millions," he said. "Think about that and we only lost that by 1.5 percent."

In addition to going after traditional swing states, the Trump campaign's map is expanding.

"We really able in 2016 because of budget and time constraints really go to new places like we were this time. Last time we had to give up on states like Virginia to move into Wisconsin. This time we don't have to do that as much. We have a much wider map we can do and I think you're seeing that, like the president going into New Mexico, New Hampshire... Nevada, Colorado," Parscale explained. "The states are still there. Several states the president lost in 2016 that are in a much better position for 2020 because of his policies. The number one policy in New Mexico is Chinese trade deals. The people of the state recognize that."


Remember voter data back in December showed Americans' confidence in President Trump is soaring because he's delivered on promises he made. He has successfully delivered on tax cuts, unemployment rates have hit a record low – especially for Hispanics and African Americans – and the Senate has successfully confirmed roughly 100 judges. Democrats can continue pushing impeachment but all they're doing is driving people to vote for the president come November. 

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