The Entire Women's March Can Be Summed Up In This One Video

Posted: Jan 19, 2020 4:42 PM
The Entire Women's March Can Be Summed Up In This One Video

Source: AP Photo/Cliff Owen

It's no secret that the lefties who attend the Women's Marches throughout the United States are a bit out there. They bring their signs and their bright pink hats as they march through the streets. They repeatedly yell things like "f**k Donald Trump" yet they have absolutely zero idea of why they're marching or what they're hoping to achieve. 

Their signs and chants seem to have the same thing in common: they're all vulgar and somehow involve vaginas.

Or they feature name-calling, like referring to conservatives and/or the president as a white supremacist and/or a Nazi.

But the most chilling aspect of this entire movement is the number of kids who get drafted into them. 

There's absolutely no way a kid who is 7-8 years old can understand illegal immigration, DACA and the impact illegal aliens have on our society. Shoving signs in their faces and taking them to a national protest is not only wrong but it's rather grotesque. 

The topper though is this video of kids spewing the F word.

WARNING: Graphic language. 

If kids want to partake in civil discourse, fine. Let them. They should be old enough to understand all sides of the situation though. They shouldn't be told to put on a t-shirt and handed a sign. And they definitely shouldn't be yelling "f**k" at the top of their lungs, regardless of who is in office. 

People wonder why society has gone haywire and this is a great example. Parents don't teach their kids how to be civil and respectful. They're teaching their youngsters to be upset at an early age. And all it's going to do is set them up for doom down the road.