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Congressman Mark Meadows (R-NC) on Saturday joined Fox News' Jesse Watters to discuss the Democrats' sham impeachment process and their votes on articles of impeachment. According to the Republican member of Congress, his Democratic colleagues know their vote in favor of articles of impeachment goes against the American peoples' desires. It's the very reason they wore black to the vote. It's not because they're "sad" or feel like this is a "grave" scenario being played out. It's because this vote signified their "political funeral," Meadows said.


"There is nothing serious about what Nancy Pelosi has done, other than the fact that she was serious about trying to get a political advantage," Meadows explained. "They're not just coming after Donald Trump. They're coming after every single person that voted for Donald Trump. This is all about making sure that 233 Democrats – well, excuse me, 232 Democrats – will actually supplant their will for the will of the people."

"There's also one other glaring thing that you need to point out: Nancy Pelosi wants to control what happens in the Senate. She wants to bring new witnesses. I thought their whole case was unbelievably ironclad and certainly beyond anything that would could ever imagine and yet she wants more witnesses," he said. "That's because there's a flaw in the case that she's already made."

Watters said what most Americans believe: Pelosi's leadership, especially on the impeachment front, has been exposed as partisan and overtly political. 

"McConnell's not going to put up with any of this," Watters said. "I don't know what's going on in the Senate or the House or how it's going to shake out but it's not going to shake out in Nancy's favor, I'll tell you that." 


According to Meadows, Democrats are putting on a "PR stunt" by doing things like dressing in all black during the full House vote on the articles of impeachment. 

"They're putting on black because, for a lot of them, this is their political funeral," the Congressman said. "I can tell you, they're high-fiving in the hallways if they're from a Democrat district, a real progressive district. The rest of them are very scared and they should be, because, the American people, just like you pointed out, the American people are seeing beyond this."

Meadows made the point that the Senate and the American people will ultimately decide President Trump's fate. But he did say one thing that has become increasingly clear: Americans aren't buying the arguments the Democrats have set forth. 

"It's pretty selfish of these deep blue Democrat district representatives are out there high-fiving, fist bumping, celebrating, spiking the football, because I don't see how Nancy keeps the gavel after this stunt," Watters said. 

"I can tell you that what happens in some of those states that you were talking about, those traditional states that no Republican was ever supposed to win, and yet when Donald Trump won them, what's happening is many of those Democrat members of Congress will go home," Meadows explained. "This maybe the only 'important vote' that they ever take because what's going to happen is when 2020 rolls around, they're going to find themselves on the losing side of the vote tally."


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