Collins Shreds Dems for Failing to Uphold Constitutional Protections: 'You Put the Dagger in Minority Rights'

Posted: Dec 11, 2019 8:15 PM
Collins Shreds Dems for Failing to Uphold Constitutional Protections: 'You Put the Dagger in Minority Rights'

Source: AP Photo/Jose Luis Magana

House Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Doug Collins (R-GA) blasted Democrats for failing to protect minority rights during his opening statement on the Articles of Impeachment hearing. 

"For reporters and media and people who have watched this body and institution that I've loved all my life and watched since I was an intern up here, being destroyed, day after day," Collins explained. "If the minority has no rights – and one day this majority will be back in the minority – and they will be crying and screaming for minority rights to be upheld and I'll point back to 2019 and say this is the year you put the dagger in minority rights."

He said that "after a year of trashing this institution, a year of trashing this administration and this president" the only thing Democrats can come up with is "abuse of power" but they "can't define it." 

According to the Ranking Member, he knows Democrats are "desperate."

"You know how I know it? Adam Schiff's own words yesterday. 'We can't go to court. That would take too long. An election is coming.' Let me finish the last part of that sentence, since he liked to put words into President Trump's mouth when he faked the call transcript," he said. "No, Adam, what you need to continue to say is, 'We can't beat him next year. The only thing we need is a 30-second commercial that said we impeached him.' That's the wrong reason to impeach somebody."

The rule of the majority with the protection of the minority is one of the greatest protections the Founding Fathers ensured us. They wanted to make sure the "ignorant masses" couldn't come and throw the government into limbo. Our system was designed to be slow for a reason. It was designed to take time so that Americans had stability so that our government wasn't in continual chaos. 

Collins is absolutely right. The Democrats won't be the majority party forever. At some point, they'll be in the minority. And then they'll suddenly squawk about how important it is for their concerns to be heard.