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AP Photo/Andrew Harnik, File

Vice President Mike Pence's Chief of Staff, Marc Short, explained the biggest irony behind Democrats' impeachment inquiry into President Donald Trump: they're probing him over withholding aid to Ukraine but they can't pass a budget that would include that very aid.


"The greater shame is what’s actually not happening in Congress today. It’s not just promises Democrats made in 2018 to work with the administration on infrastructure or lower drug prices or passing trade deals like USMCA, but tomorrow the president will be forced to sign another Continuing Resolution to keep our government open because they haven’t passed the basic fundamental right to fund our government," Short told Fox Business' Lou Dobbs. 

According to Short, the biggest failure – and irony – is that Democrats are currently withholding funding for Ukraine while they focus on impeachment hearings stemming from...withholding aid for Ukraine.

"In that bill is a pay raise for our men and women in uniform. And you know what else is in that bill? $250 million dollars for Ukraine," Short explained. "So the irony is the Democrats are having impeachment hearings over delaying funding for Ukraine. And in the bill that's supposed to be passed is more funding for Ukraine that they're tying up to do impeachment hearings."


If Democrats wanted to prove to the American people that their impeachment probe isn't just a witch hunt because of their deep hate for President Trump, they would work with Republicans to get a budget passed. Fiscal year 2020 began on October 1 and we still don't have a budget. 

It's time for Democrats to put their money (or rather our taxpayer funds) where their mouth is and fund aid to Ukraine.

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