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MSNBC host Joy Reid doesn't understand why California Sen. Kamala Harris isn't "resonating more with Democrats." After all, Harris has multiple minority boxes the left can check off: she's a woman. There's one check. She's African American. There's a second check. She has one more checkmark than President Barack Obama did during the 2008 election yet people aren't as drawn to her as they should be, at least on paper.


"Kamala Harris, to me, she’s a candidate that seems to fill all those boxes. She would be fundamental change. She’s a woman of color. I cannot explain why she isn’t resonating more," Reid told Jason Johnson, a politics and journalism professor at Morgan State University. "The fundamentals of her still seem really good to me if you want somebody who will change the perspective of what America looks like but not have as much change as maybe people think Warren is too much change."

Harris isn't resonating with anyone, even Democrats, because they see through her hot air. She has continually labeled herself as this "tough-on-crime" prosecutor but even the mainstream leftist media have called her out for her record. 

CNN slammed Harris because she supported a San Francisco policy that required law enforcement agencies to turn over illegal alien minors to federal officials if they were arrested and suspected of committing a felony. Once she was called out for her stance, her presidential campaign backtracked, saying, "Looking back, this policy could have been applied more fairly."

The New York Times chided Harris for her political pandering and trying "to be all things to all constituencies." She doesn't necessarily flip-flop. She tells various groups what she thinks they want to hear and supports policies she thinks they want her to support. 


Harris isn't resonating with anyone because they realize she'll go whichever way the wind blows. For Democrats, that's a liability. They want a staunch progressive who is willing to undo President Trump's policies, especially when it comes to economics (even though statistics prove what he's done has worked for the majority of Americans and minorities in particular). Independents and Republicans are leaning towards or are voting for Trump because of the positive economic impact he's had. Why would they take a chance on a hot air, flip-flopping senator when they can have a tried and tested president?

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