Biden Chides Warren for Her 'Elitist' Attitude But It's the Same One He Had With Obamacare

Posted: Nov 11, 2019 10:28 PM
Biden Chides Warren for Her 'Elitist' Attitude But It's the Same One He Had With Obamacare

Source: AP Photo/Sarah Blake Morgan

One of the most ironic moments of former Vice President Joe Biden's CNN town hall on Monday night was when he slammed Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) for her "elitist" attitude, especially when it comes to Medicare for All.

But Biden said his problem isn't with Warren in particular but rather the attitude that often comes from those who support Medicare for All.

"It’s about the attitude that exists. If you disagree with me, you must be bad. We can disagree," he explained. "I respect your view."

Biden used the example of his middle class family and being told something is good for them.

"I was talking about you go home and tell everybody, people are busting their neck at the kitchen table conversations going on tomorrow morning like in the house I was raised in and you say, 'By the way, I know you don’t think we should raise your taxes on this but this is good for you. This is good for you.'" he said, referencing Medicare for All.

CNN host Erin Burnett followed up by asking Biden what is elitist about wanting to implement Medicare for All.

"The attitude that we know better than ordinary people what’s in their interest. 'I know more than you. Let me tell what you to do,'" he explained. 

He made sure to reiterate that he didn't think Warren was being elitist but her attitude about the policy is what he sees as elitist.

"The attitude is elitist that people can’t make up their own minds. 'You like your health insurance but you shouldn’t have your health insurance. We’re going to give you something better.' That is an attitude you’re telling me it’s my way or the highway," he said. 

"Where I come from growing up in a middle class neighborhood, the last thing I like was people telling my family and me what we should know, what we should believe, as if somehow we weren’t informed, that because we didn’t have money we weren’t knowledgeable. I resent that," Biden said. 

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Isn't it interesting that Biden suddenly see this as insulting, as elitist? Conservatives have always felt this way. We've always resented politicians telling us how to live our lives. We've resented people in Washington telling us how to live our lives or how a particular policy will definitely improve our family's situation. It's that very attitude that working people, particularly in flyover, resent.

It's rather ironic to hear Biden talking about keeping health insurance. Sure is similar to President Obama telling Americans that "if you like your doctor you can keep your doctor" when Obamcare was in the works.

Now the tables have turned.