McCain Fires Back at Behar: I've Been the Target of a Tell-All Book. Anonymous Needs to 'Put Their Name on It'

Posted: Nov 09, 2019 11:45 AM

The two Republicans on "The View," Abby Huntsman and Meghan McCain, on Friday argued that the so-called "Anonymous" senior White House official who is writing a tell-all book should use their real name.  

"Would you want a mole here, at 'The View'?" Huntsman asked co-host Joy Behar.

"We have them, I'm sure. We're always leaking," Behar said, throwing her arms up and laughing. "I wish I knew who it was."

"But you wish they'd put their name on it, right?" Huntsman asked the group. "You wish they would own that."

"Yeah. That's what I'm saying," McCain responded. "Yeah."

"That's because we're the target of it," Behar replied. "So that's why Trump's angry about it."

"But just because you don't like Trump, I'm saying to you, there's a president you like and there's a mole in there, you're not going to like that anonymous person."

Behar argued that the discussion was about the country, not the show. According to Huntsman, what's happening right now sets the precedent for what's "right and not right in this country."

Behar asked the group of women if they would have taken issue with "Deep Throat," the whistleblower behind the Watergate scandal.

"'Deep Throat' didn't sell a book," McCain snapped back. She said the comparison is an "apples and oranges" comparison.

She explained her personal experience being the target of tell-all books.

"There's something about people who write tell-alls when you're supposed to be loyal to your principles," McCain argued. "For me, it's [writing a tell-all] is an act of betrayal. If you hate him [Trump] so much, fine. Then come out and, I still think you should be using your name. I just know that on the other side what it feels like to have people spread complete lies about you in books to make money and HBO movies."

"It's garbage. I think the person doing this, and the publisher, should 100 percent put their name on it," McCain concluded.

The person, who is being referred to only as Anonymous, claimed to be a "senior official" in the Trump administration that was "part of the resistance" from within the White House. Last year, that person wrote an anonymous opinion piece for the New York Times. That person has since gone on to write a tell-all book about life inside the White House. 

The book is being released on November 19th.