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AP Photo/Wilfredo Lee

Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez on Wednesday struggled to answer a reporter's question about whether or not Democrats are willing to fight "fire with fire" when it comes to defeating President Donald Trump in 2020.


According to the Christian Science Monitor's Story Hinkley, voters in northern Kentucky felt like both GOP Gov. Matt Bevin and his Democratic opponent, Attorney General Andy Beshear, "were leading campaigns with an unnecessary amount of vitriol and no other word than divisiveness."

Hinkley asked Perez, point blank, if the Democratic Party "will fight fire with fire" or will they go with Michelle Obama's strategy of "when they go low, we go high."

Perez babbled on about how Democrats plan to fight President Trump without coming out and directly saying exactly how they plan to do that. 

"Two things I learned in the course of this is I am not going to go to a knife fight with a spoon. And at the same time, Michelle Obama said, ‘When they go low, we go high.’ Well, my variant on that is, ‘When they go low, we go vote.’ When they go lower, we make sure everyone around us can vote, who is eligible to vote," Perez said. "That’s exactly what we have done as Democrats. You look at the turnout in places like Nevada and elsewhere in 2018. You look at the turnout yesterday, young voters in Virginia, the vitriol of this president is — there is a Trump fatigue that has set in. We do not need a candidate who is going to match his divisiveness and vulgarity with divisiveness and vulgarity."


According to the DNC Chair, Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker was ousted and replaced with Tony Evers because of his "politics of inclusion and optimism," something he believes took place in Kentucky on Tuesday night when Democrat Lt. Gov. Andy Beshear ousted GOP Gov. Matt Bevin. 

Perez said Democrats will lead "clearly with our values, by not taking the bait" Trump sets forth. 

"Distracting Donald will create distraction. The distraction of 2018 was caravans. People saw through it. The distraction now is going to be socialism, and that is the oldest trick in the book," he explained. When we enacted Social Security in the 30s and Medicare and Medicaid in the 60s and the Affordable Care Act under Obama, what it all had in common is Republicans called that socialism. I call those policies the anchor of our social compact.”

The biggest takeaway from what Perez said: Democrats are going to continue with their typical liberal playbook. They're going to continually tell minorities they need to vote for a Democrat in order to be "protected," even though Hispanics and African Americans' unemployment rate is at a record-low under President Trump. Democrats are going to continue to push their Russia collusion delusion and Ukrainian quid pro quo stance. 


They're not going to do anything different. All the Democrats are going to do is launch the same attacks on Republicans. They'll say Republicans are crying "socialism!" even though their policies, like Medicare for All, "bring power back to the people" or "levels the playing field" or "makes the rich pay their fair share." You know the typical talking points Democrats spew. 

But Perez says he doesn't show up to a knife fight with a spoon? HA!

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