Former Obama Campaign Manager: Our Nominee Is Going to be 'Broke and Tired'

Posted: Nov 04, 2019 6:45 PM
Former Obama Campaign Manager: Our Nominee Is Going to be 'Broke and Tired'

Source: AP Photo/Michael Sohn

President Barack Obama's 2008 campaign manager, David Plouffe, is working with Acronym, a progressive organization that plans to spend $75 million on digital advertising in key battleground states, The New York Times reported. It turns out the left is increasingly concerned about President Donald Trump's lead in battleground states, which is why the group is focusing on Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin.

“The gun on this general election does not start when we have a nominee; it started months ago,” Plouffe told The Times. “If the things that need to happen don’t happen in these battleground states between now and May or June, our nominee will never have time to catch up.”

Acronym wants to raise as much money as possible so that the Democratic nominee is in a decent position to take Trump on in the general election. According to Plouffe, this is about the Democrats playing catch-up with Trump and the Republican National Committee. 

“Our nominee is going to be broke, tired, have to pull together the party and turn around on a dime and run a completely different race for a completely different audience,” Plouffe said. “There is an enormous amount of danger between now and then. If the hole is too steep to dig out of, they’re not going to win.”

The group plans to run ads on multiple platforms, including Google, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Hulu and Pandora. In addition to creating original content, like videos and graphics, the progressive group plans to do everything in their power to highlight local stories that paint Trump in a negative light, which isn't all that surprising. 

President Trump and the Republican Party have continually raked in large sums of cash. The Republican National Committee has had continual record-breaking fundraising months. In August, the RNC raised $23.5 million, with $53.8 million cash on hand at the end of the month. In July, the RNC raised $20.8 million, while the DNC raised just $7.7 million. 

The Trump campaign raised $45 million during the third quarter, up 29 percent from the second quarter. But both the RNC and the Trump campaign have raised their money from small dollar donors. In fact, the Trump campaign had 313,000 first-time donors who all donated in small increments in the third quarter. 

Now that the Democrats have launched their bogus impeachment probe, Americans are flocking to donate to the Trump campaign. The day after Democrats formally voted on the impeachment inquiry – despite the fact that they had been "investigating" for weeks – the Trump campaign raised $3 million. And that's just one day in an entire month. 

The truth is this: Americans are tired of the mainstream media constantly launching attacks on President Trump. Americans are tired of Democrats doing everything in their power to impeach him. First it was Russia, now it's Ukraine. They fight him at every turn, even though Americans' lives are improving. People have more money in their checks. Unemployment is at a record low. Businesses are thriving. And the Democrats are attempting to derail that real progress – you know, the kind Obama promised – every chance they get.