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(AP Photo/Richard Drew, File)

The Republican National Committee has published its fundraising numbers for July 2019 and once again they've completely destroyed the Democratic National Committee on totals. 


"In July, the RNC continued to see record enthusiasm for President Trump’s agenda and Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is leading the charge: Since 2018, major donors have increased from 33% to roughly 45% of total fundraising. This past month was our best off-cycle July in party history," the RNC released Wednesday. "We brought in $20.8 million in receipts in July (nearly 3 times that of the DNC). Cycle to date, the RNC has brought in $117.9 million. We also had our largest online fundraising July ever (1100% more than July 2016 and 1900% more than July 2015)."

While the RNC raised $20.8 million in July, the DNC raised just $7.7 million.

Yesterday Bloomberg reported things at the DNC have become so desperate, Chairman Tom Perez is raising Mexico. They've also brought in Hillary Clinton to help, for some reason.

"Across the aisle, the DNC continued to struggle to fundraise in July. Not only did they spend more than they raised, they’re mired in over $5.6 million in debt. Cycle to date, Chairwoman McDaniel has raised well over double that of DNC Chair Tom Perez," the RNC statement continues. "This massive fundraising discrepancy matters."


In addition to fundraising, the RNC has been highly focused on building a solid 2020 ground game through targeted voting. The influx of cash is making that effort easier.

"With our fundraising advantage, we’re able to continue to invest in our permanent data-driven ground game. So far, we have staff in 16 key target states across the country (Including Regional Political Directors, Regional Data Directors and State Directors). We’re also able to recruit and train thousands of volunteers through regular “National Weeks of Training” as well as target vulnerable Democrats in key districts with massive ad buys," the RNC says. "These are necessary investments in election winning tools that the broke DNC could only dream of making."

Meanwhile, the Trump campaign is also raking in the cash and it's coming from small donors. In partnership with the RNC, the campaign raised over $100 million in the second quarter of the year.

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