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WATCH: Project Veritas Confronts CNN President on His Personal Vendetta to Get President Trump Impeached

AP Photo/Ron Harris

Over the last few weeks, Project Veritas has released numerous videos showing CNN's president, Jeff Zucker, telling staffers to focus heavily on impeachment and ignore other events dominating the news cycle. Shortly after James O'Keefe and his team released the video, President Donald Trump's re-election campaign threatened to sue the news outlet.


On Friday, one of Project Veritas' reporters, Eric Spracklen, confronted Zucker at the Atlanta airport. Spracklen repeatedly asked Zucker to comment on his personal vendetta against Trump and pushing his staff to heavily cover impeachment stories. Naturally, Zucker walked away from the cameras without any comment. 

“As I followed Mr. Zucker, I politely asked for his comment regarding the Project Veritas #ExposeCNN series that showed audio of one of his 9am rundown calls demanding that CNN employees pursue the ‘impeachment story’ no matter what, he completely and totally ignored me," Spracklen said in a statement. “I also asked about the comment a CNN employee made stating that Zucker had a ‘personal vendetta’ against President Trump, again I was met with steely silence.”

Spracklen also asked Zucker about a sexual misconduct allegation launched against Politics Supervising Producer Steve Brusk, who allegedly groped younger female employees, at least one who was intoxicated at a company party. According to Rick Saleeby, Senior Producer of The Lead with Jake Tapper, "higher-ups" protected Brusk from the allegations. When asked about that saga, again, Zucker said nothing.


Americans knew that CNN was biased all along. Trump has repeatedly called out the network for being unapologetically anti-Trump. They've continually said they're just carrying out their "journalistic obligations," but the undercover videos – provided by a CNN insider – show that this isn't just reporters sharing the latest news of the day. This is a network being run pushed to run a blatantly anti-Trump narrative. If that wasn't the case, why is Zucker completely silent? And why does CNN continue with their anti-Trump shenanigans.                       

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