Alyssa Milano: Katie Hill's Affair With Staffer 'Would Have Been Different If She Were a Man'

Posted: Oct 30, 2019 6:07 AM
Alyssa Milano: Katie Hill's Affair With Staffer 'Would Have Been Different If She Were a Man'

Source: Photo by Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP, File

For whatever reason, the Democratic media complex loves to get actress Alyssa Milano's take on everything from abortion rights to gun control to the MeToo movement. She's like their go-to "expert" on progressive issues. Of course, CNN's Chris Cuomo had to have her on his show to talk about Rep. Katie Hill (D-CA), who is accused of having an affair with one congressional staffer and a throuple relationship with another. 

The House Ethics Committee launched an investigation into the allegations after intimate photos of Hill were posted online without her consent. Text messages showed conversations between her ex-husband, who Hill describes as "abusive," and the alleged staffer, talking about the throuple's breakup. 

Hill eventually announced her resignation on Sunday and followed up the announcement with a teary-eyed video on Monday. In the video, she blamed the "right-wing media and her "abusive ex-husband" for the attacks on her. 

According to CNN's go-to MeToo movement "expert" Alyssa Milano, Katie Hill would have been treated much differently if she were a man. 

"Obviously the MeToo movement, very important to you, very important in our country. Congresswoman Katie Hill decided to resign once there was an ethics investigation announced into her alleged inappropriate – or whatever-you-want-to-call-it – relationship with a staffer," Cuomo said. "She denied that it was a congressional staffer. Was the resignation the right move and what does it mean for the MeToo movement?

"I don’t feel it was the right move. I feel that there is incredible hypocrisy that goes on and if Katie Hill were a man who was in a consensual relationship with another man and a woman that this would be a very different outcome," Milano explained.

The actress takes issue with the fact that Hill is coming under fire for what she does in her free time, especially when the alleged sexual relationship was consensual. 

"There’s indicted criminals in Congress on the Republican side, people like Duncan Hunter who still have a seat and yet we have accepted a resignation from a really, really good congresswoman, a really bright woman for what she does in her private time that was consensual," she said. "So I don’t feel it was fair and I really — I really appreciate Katie Hill and where she was coming from in resigning but I do wish that she would have fought a little harder. I would have fought by her side."

People aren't upset with Hill for what she did in her free time. No one really cares that she was having an open marriage. What takes place between her and her husband is their business. But when she uses her position as a duly elected Congresswoman – who is paid by the taxpayers – and is having a sexual relationship with an insubordinate – who is also paid by the taxpayers – we have problems. And it becomes the public's business.

Not to mention the blatant hypocrisy. Hill was part of the Committee that helped establish the very House ethics rules she broke. She supported the rules that made it an ethics violation for a member of Congress to have a sexual relationship with a staffer.