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AP Photo/John Minchillo

During an interview with the Washington Post, Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke on Wednesday reiterated his belief that America is like Nazi Germany under President Donald Trump and his "sh*t-eating smirk" gave the El Paso shooter the "green light" to carry out his attack.


"For the president to describe some, based on their ethnicity, as rapists and criminals; to ask four women of color, duly elected by their constituents to the United States Congress, to 'go back' to their home country; to try to ban all people of one religion from the shorts of the country that's comprised from every tradition of faith, every walk of life ... outside of the Third Reich, give me another example of a western leader who has called one people of one faith inherently defective or dangerous or disqualified from being successful in that country," O'Rourke said. 

“You ask yourself, when you look at the history of the Third Reich, which is the comparison I made … How did a modern country, well educated, a source of innovation and ingenuity and moral leadership in the world, descend into that level of barbarity, producing a shame that lives with every single German to this day?” he asked. "You look at everything that I just enumerated and could go into far greater detail into what President Trump has said and has done. The ‘send her back’ chanting at that rally in North Carolina, chilling to my bone.”

"So are we in a 1930s moment?" WaPo reporter Robert Costa asked.


“In Florida, in May of this year, you know the president has warned about the infestation, the invasion, the predators, the animals, dehumanizing language to talk about humans who he has placed in cages. We have lost the lives of seven children in our custody and care. He’s telling that rally in Florida ‘what are we going to do about these people who are coming here?’ And someone yells out ‘shoot them.’ And that crowd roars in laughter and applause," Beto said. 

“And the president, with that sh*t-eating smirk on his face, smiles and laughs in consent, giving the green light to that killer in Allen, Texas, who drove 600 miles to El Paso with an AK-47, who said he was going to stop the invasion that he had been warned about by the President of the United States, that he didn’t want to replaced as a white man in the United States of America," he explained. "And when people in Charlottesville, Virginia were talking about Jews, you will not replace us. President Trump said there are very fine people. If we fail to connect the dots and draw the conclusion, then we are going to die in our sleep as a country. We will lose this democracy.”

Beto seems to conflate facts here.


For one, the El Paso shooter took issue with illegal immigrants flocking to Texas. He made clear that his views "predate Trump." Why did he make that distinction? Because he knew the left would assume his infatuation with the "illegal alien invasion" was because of Trump bringing it to the national spotlight. 

What's quite amazing is that O'Rourke seems to forget that conversations about illegal aliens flooding a community are pretty common in the southwest. It's rather remarkable he doesn't seem to understand that considering he represented a city that sits right on the border with Mexico. Either he can't comprehend it or he turns a blind eye to the issues that stem from illegal immigration – and my guess is it's the latter of the two.

President Trump never "green lighted" any kind of shooting. Wanting a secure border and strong national security is what every other nation in the world wants yet when the United States attempts to achieve that very goal we're called intolerant racists who care about no one else but ourselves. We spread ourselves so thin throughout the world that we lack resources to help those right here in America. And it's wrong. Trump just happens to be the first president who is ballsy enough to call it like he sees it. He said what everyone else knows to be true. And he's unapologetic about it. That is what people like Beto take issue with. It's not what he said. It's that he doesn't bend a knee to the outrage mob. And we all know just how great the left is with being outraged about anything and everything. 


Beto needs to realize it is possible to want a secure border and people to follow our immigration laws and condemn those who carry out these mass shootings, especially when they're racially motivated. It's not as black and white of an issue as he'd like to make it out to be. But then again, that's his entire campaign tactic: make outlandish claims to further divide Americans.

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