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AP Photo/Kathy Willens

Former Hillary Clinton advisor Philippe Reines on Wednesday appeared on "Tucker Carlson Tonight" to discuss the former Secretary of State's policies and the likelihood of her jumping into the 2020 race. 


According to Reines, Republicans are focused on the 2020 election but not about what will happen to the presidency after President Donald Trump leaves the White House.

"If she were to run and people think that she’s too left, too right, too center – whatever you want to call it – that’s the beauty of it. They get to vote against whoever they want. I don’t know," the former advisor explained. "She is not running because she has any anxiety about the Democratic field. She really likes a lot of the people running. She knows them well. She thought about some of them for her vice presidency."

He then suggests that if she ran against Trump next year, she could win this time, and even theoretically, again, in 2024.

"But there might be a reason that she would be the best person, not only to beat Donald Trump, but to govern after Donald Trump, which is a part we don’t talk about much," he said. "And look, you can make fun of her all you want, but 65 million people voted for her."

Carlson brought up a number of policies progressive voters would take issue with, like her previous stance on wanting to deport illegal aliens and the fact that transgender issues bother her. 

"Look, this is the thing. If she were to run, which is unlikely. If you gave me a choice between betting on her running or betting on parable, I’d probably bet on parable," Reines said. "But if she were to run, people get to decide. It’s a cottage industry. To some extent, she might as well run."


"She’s become, like, the most reasonable person in the Democratic Party. That’s scary," Carlson replied.

"She might be the best person to beat President Pence — I’m sorry, I meant President Trump," the former advisor replied.

Was this a gaffe or is this setting the stage for Hillary to run in 2020 and 2024? With as far left as the Democratic Party has gone, it wouldn't be surprising if she decides to throw her hat into the race. This would allow her to potentially appeal to the more moderate Democrats who have lost faith in former Vice President Joe Biden. And since they both seem to share the same voting demographic, if she ran, she would further fracture the Democratic vote. Not to mention she would provide the Trump campaign with great ad material.

As we say: run, Hillary, run!

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