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Dana Loesch Absolutely Obliterates Disgraced Broward Coward Scott Israel

Michael Laughlin/South Florida Sun-Sentinel via AP

The Florida State Senate on Wednesday decided to permanently remove suspended Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel for his team's failure during the shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School last February. His deputies failed to go into the high school and engage the gunman while he opened fired on students and staff. Instead, School Resource Officer Scot Peterson hid while the gunman killed 17 and injured 17 more. 


Israel was quick to say his ousting was political and a way for Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (R) to "overturn" the 2016 election results.

"The process they used to steal your vote was a sham and by the Governor's own admission simply 'political.' These politicians in Tallahassee ignored or dismissed the advice of the previous Governor, the commission charged with investigating the Parkland murders, the chair of that commission and even their own judge on the matter," Israel said.

Former National Rifle Association (NRA) spokeswoman Dana Loesch, who took part in a CNN town hall with Israel following the shooting, blasted the former sheriff for his attempt to place blame on others instead of his own leadership. 

The Marjory Stoneman Douglas Commission found the Broward County Sheriff's Office had multiple failures. One of the biggest failures was that Peterson and other RSOs hadn't had active shooter training in two years. Instead of moving forward and attempting to engage the shooter, officers were focused on directing traffic and some, like Peterson, didn't move at all. 


Remember: Law enforcement officials were called 39 times on Nikolas Cruz. He had assaulted his family and friends. He had taken knives and guns to school. And guess what? Law enforcement did absolutely nothing. 

Scott Israel is the epitome of government failure. He wants the title of being sheriff without the commitment or courage to actually be a member of the law enforcement community. Instead of trying to blame supposedly "lax" gun laws on the Parkland shooting, he needs to stand up and admit that his deputies were ill-equipped to deal with an active shooter. The reason so many people are upset with him is because he wants to be a leader but refuses to take the responsibility that comes with being a leader. His team failed, which means he failed. And in this case, failure meant 17 innocent people lost their lives. 


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