What a Head Scratcher: Biden Lectures Crowd About Not Getting 'Do-Overs When It Comes to National Security'

Posted: Oct 16, 2019 6:37 PM

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday lectured Iowa voters about the dangers of making the wrong decisions when it comes to international relations, saying there's no "do-overs when it comes to national security."

"All the consequences I’ve mentioned, every single one can be laid at the feet of Donald Trump. You know, he green-lighted Turkish invasion. Now he’s left asking Turkey to stop it. But the damage is done," Biden explained to the crowd. "You don’t get do-overs when it comes to national security. The decisions have deadly, serious consequences." 

It's rather ironic that Biden is going to try to appear to be the "voice of reason," the "expert" on things, especially when it comes to foreign affairs. He wants to hit President Donald Trump on his foreign policy but Biden can't even look in the mirror and realize he should be taking his own advice.

Did Biden realize that allowing his son, Hunter, to sit on the board of a Ukrainian gas company, despite having no natural energy experience, was a bad idea? No.

Did Joe realize that the American people are smart enough to see his swampy behavior for what it is, that his son was unqualified to be making $50,000 a month from this Ukrainian gas company? No.

Did Biden realize there was a conflict of interest with his son having dealings with a corrupt Ukrainian gas company while he was handling international relations on behalf of the Obama administration? No way.

Covidstan Strikes Back
Scott Morefield

Did Joe think his son profiting off his last name and ties to the White House would stay hidden forever? Of course.

At least if someone like Biden is going to try to have an air of superiority, he should make sure his past is squeaky clean. Because, honestly, this is the definition of the pot calling the kettle black.