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AP Photo by/NBC, William B. Plowman, File

MSNBC decided to "take a stand" against President Donald Trump by refusing to air a portion of his Minneapolis rally that took place on Thursday. According to "Meet the Press" host Chuck Todd, the network couldn't, "in good conscience," show a portion of Trump's speech because he criticized Hunter Biden, the son of 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden. 


"President Trump held a rally last night in Minnesota last night. There are parts of it we can't show you – or rather, there are parts of it we're not gonna show you," Todd explained. "The president's red meat vitriol wasn't new, neither was his use of profanity, or his railing against the media, or his attacks on Congresswoman Ilhan Omar, or his anger at the 'insane impeachment witch hunt. None of that should go unremarked on because the idea that the President of the United States is doing all of those things on a regular basis is actually quite remarkable. We're just not shocked anymore. The fact that we expect the president to act that way when he's in front of a crowd of his supports, that's also remarkable."

"But what's even more remarkable about what happened at last night's rally is the president went further than he's ever gone before. So, we are going further than we've ever gone before to say we aren't gonna play the sound. We aren't gonna repeat the president's vicious attacks on Hunter Biden," the MSNBC host said. 

In typical leftist fashion, Todd went to bat for Hunter, making the argument he didn't deserve to be "attacked" by the president. 

"The President of the United States stood in front of a crowd of supporters and character assassinated a man – whatever you might think of his decisions – he's not a public figure. He isn't running for office and he is not a campaign surrogate. He's not even on the campaign trail. And he isn't, in any way, asking for this intention, obviously," Todd explained. 


According to Todd, Trump's "attack" on Hunter Biden is "remarkable and newsworthy" but they still can't show the clip.

"We can't, in good conscience, amplify those attacks, so we won't," he said. 

Even though MSNBC wouldn't show the clip to its viewers, the Trump War Room decided to share that portion of the president's speech in a reply to Todd's news clip on Twitter. 

"Let's do another t-shirts. 'Where's Hunter?' Here's Hunter, being examined by sleepy eyes Chuck Todd or some of these people," Trump said during his speech. 

"'Hunter, it's so great that you're here, sir. Hunter, I know that they're giving you approximately $168,000 a month. I hear they paid you a big check of $3 million. I just want to speak on behalf of NBC' – who is absolutely one of the worst – 'I just want to tell you, Hunter, Hunter, I couldn't be happier for you and your family and I know you don't know anything about energy and I know it's an energy company but I think they made a great deal, Hunter,'" Trump said, clearly mocking Todd.


Did MSNBC not want to show the clip because Hunter Biden was being criticized or because Trump mocked NBC and Chuck Todd's so-called "reporting?"

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