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No, Warren. Trump Didn't Raise His Money From 'Big-Dollar Fundraisers,' Despite What You May Think.

AP Photo/John Locher

During an interview with CBS News’ Zak Hudak, Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) has made one thing very clear: she refuses to accept "big-dollar" donations, or those from wealthy individuals. But she also got quite a few things wrong about President Donald Trump's re-election campaign.


“Do you wonder if perhaps you would pivot to having big-dollar fundraisers in the general election, or be forced to do that, can you continue doing what you are doing?” Hudak asked.

“No, I will not be forced to make changes in how I raise money,” Warren explained. “Look, for me this is pretty straightforward. Either you think democracy works and electing a president is all about going behind closed doors with bazillionaires and corporate executives and lobbyists and scooping up as much money as possible. Or you think it’s about grassroots, let’s build this from the ground up.”

“Can you guarantee your supporters that under no circumstances, no matter how much money Donald Trump is raising, you will not take big dollar?" Hudak asked.

“Yeah. I’m not going to go do the big-dollar fundraisers. I’m just not going to do it,” Warren said, despite previously taking money from large donors in the past. 

“You've done calls to wealthy donors. You've done big ticket fundraisers. You've put together a pretty good war chest, I think about $11 million that you had amassed. What does that say about what you were doing before? This is the right way to do it now, why now and why not before?” Hudak pressed.

“So look, I've never actually been in a deeply competitive primary. I get it. Republicans come to the table armed to the teeth. They've got all of their donors, their wealthy, wealthy donors. They've got their super PACs. They've got their dart money. They got everything going for them," Warren explained. "And I'm just going to be blunt: I do not believe in unilateral disarmament. We've got to go into these fights and we got to be willing to win these fights.”


Of course, her campaign her to come back and "clarify" what she meant. Apparently she wouldn't take big money for her campaign but she would help the Democratic Party raise funds, even if they came from mega donors.

“When Elizabeth is the Democratic nominee for president, she’s not going to change a thing in how she runs her campaign. That means no PAC money. No federal lobbyist money. No special access or call time with rich donors or big dollar fundraisers to underwrite our campaign,” Kristen Orthman, the campaign’s communications director, told NBC News. “When she is the nominee, she will continue to raise money and attend events that are open to the press to make sure the Democratic National Committee, state and local parties, and Democratic candidates everywhere have the resources not just to beat Donald Trump but also to win back Congress and state legislatures all across the country.”

According to the 2020 Democratic candidate, President Donald Trump and Republicans have raised their money from mega donors. But she's actually making assumptions.

The Republican National Committee has had continual record-breaking fundraising months. In August, the RNC raised $23.5 million, with $53.8 million cash on hand at the end of the month. In July, the RNC raised $20.8 million, while the DNC raised just $7.7 million. 

The Trump campaign raised $45 million during the third quarter, up 29 percent from the second quarter. But both the RNC and the Trump campaign have raised their money from small dollar donors. In fact, the Trump campaign had 313,000 first-time donors who all donated in small increments in the third quarter. 


The truth of the matter is this: Americans have come together and said they're tired of the repeated attacks on President Trump. The legacy media has continually attacked him. Democrats have done everything in their power to oust him since before he was even sworn in. For more than two years we continually heard that Trump colluded with Russia to win the 2016 election. Special Counsel Robert Mueller proved that to be false (and remember, he was supposed to deliver the blow Democrats were looking for). 

Democrats are now focused on an impeachment inquiry that was launched based on mere speculation. They speculated he threatened to withhold military aid from Ukraine unless Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky investigated Joe and Hunter Biden for corruption. While Vice President Biden was handling international relations with Ukraine on behalf of the Obama administration, Hunter was being paid $50,000 a month to serve on a board of a Ukrainian gas company, despite having no natural energy experience. The White House released a transcript of Trump's call with Zelensky and the quid pro quo story was proven false.

The mainstream media has continually launched attacks on Trump even though they claim to be "neutral" and "fair" when they're anything but. Investigations have been launched against this president because the press wants to make the news instead of reporting the news. CNN, BuzzFeed, the New York Times and the Washington Post seem to come to mind.


Americans see the way Trump is being treated. He hasn't had a fair shakedown from the get-go. And we're tired of it. It's why people are sending donations, regardless of how small they are, to Trump's campaign. They'd give up a fancy cup of coffee it meant fighting back against the status quo. And in their minds, Trump represents the average American who is continually getting beat down by the Washington establishment.


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