Hillary's Hot Take: There's 'No Evidence' The Bidens 'Did Anything Wrong'

Posted: Oct 09, 2019 7:55 PM

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton appeared on Tuesday sat down with "PBS News Hour" to discuss the impeachment inquiry against President Donald Trump. According to the former Secretary of State, neither former Vice President Joe Biden, or his son, Hunter, did anything wrong in Ukraine. Or at least there's "no evidence" to suggest wrongdoing occurred.

"Former Vice President Joe Biden clearly a part of this. His name came up during [the Trump-Zelensky] call. Whether he did or didn’t do anything wrong — and there’s no proof that he did — President Trump keeps bringing that up, is there an optical problem for Joe Biden because he son was in a position to be making a lot of money from a company that was in a foreign country?" host Judy Woodruff asked.

"You know, Judy, this is the goal of the Trump strategy: It is to raise questions. There is no evidence that either one of them did anything wrong. Could there be a question of judgment about his son? Well, that’s fair game," Clinton replied. "But there is absolutely no evidence, and there will not be any evidence, that Joe Biden did anything wrong. Enough with these wild unfounded conspiracy theories. Using the help of foreign governments to interfere in our election and to undermine people who have been in the public eye for a long time and I hope the American people reject this, as they should."

Hunter Biden received $50,00 a month from a Ukrainian gas company, despite having no experience In natural energy. Vice President Joe Biden, at the time, was working on foreign affairs with Ukraine and even went so far as getting a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the gas company ousted.

On top of it, Biden's Deputy Campaign Manager, Kate Bedingfield, said Hunter Biden received permission from the White House to move forward with the deal. And Joe has repeatedly said he never talked business with Hunter.

This doesn't pass the smell test, folks. If President Trump and one of his kids did what Joe and Hunter did, the Democrats would be all over them. Instead of focusing on the impropriety that took place, they're somehow trying to spin this and make it Trump's fault. Trump brought the corruption to the forefront and he's being punished while the wrongdoers are let off. 

Hillary says there's "no evidence" that anything wrong took place, but she must forget that one saying: If it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.