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Former Secretary of State and twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton on Tuesday told the ladies at "The View" she believed she lost in 2016 to now-President Donald Trump because she was "too serious."


 "You know, I’m a serious person but I’m also a fun person, but I think I probably came across as too serious," Clinton explained. 

"I really believed that my job, especially as a woman and the first woman to go as far as I did, that I had to help people feel good about a woman in the Oval Office, a woman commander in chief, and so I may have over corrected a little bit because sometimes people say, 'Well, why can’t you be like that or why weren’t you like that?'" she asked. 

"I did feel a heavy sense of responsibility and it was such that, you know, maybe I wasn’t as loose or open as I could have been. So I take responsibility for everything I didn’t do as well or my campaign didn’t do as well," Clinton said.

Hillary didn't lose the election because she was too serious. She lost the election because her and her family are the epitome of swamp creatures. Hillary's been in Washington, D.C. for decades. She's held multiple positions, from First Lady to Senator to Secretary of State. Her family is the political establishment that average Americans are sick and tired of. 


It didn't exactly help her case when she was unrelatable and she numerous scandals take place on her watch. Voters held her personally responsible for the attacks in Benghazi. Her emails were just the icing on the cake.

People were willing to take a risk on Donald Trump because they knew what they were going to get with Hillary: it'd be a continuation of the same tired policies as usual.

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