Biden Confirms What Gun Owners Knew All Along: The End Goal Is a National Firearms Registry

Posted: Oct 02, 2019 6:41 PM
Biden Confirms What Gun Owners Knew All Along: The End Goal Is a National Firearms Registry

Source: AP Photo/Elise Amendola

Former Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday said he would be in favor of creating a national gun registry for so-called "assault weapons," similar to what is currently in place for fully automatic firearms, commonly referred to as machine guns.

"In the mean time [we] need to go out and eliminate the ability to purchase and/or make any more of these assault weapons. Period," Biden told a room of people at a gun control forum in Las Vegas. "Now, there's a third thing we need to do. Under the Firearms Act of 1934, there's a situation where when they outlawed machine guns, they said, 'Okay, you can continue to have a machine gun if you own it but guess what? You gotta let us know you have one. You gotta let us know you have one.'"

"The National Firearms Act?" the interviewer asked.

"You got it," Biden replied. "I want that for all assault weapons. I want that for magazines because what happens is if we know you have one the likelihood of that ever being used in a commission of a crime, after a voluntary buyback, is highly unlikely."

For years Second Amendment advocates have warned about the dangers of a national gun registry, like what Biden proposes. The reason is simple: this creates a roadmap for confiscation. The government now knows exactly what each and everyone of us owns. They know the make, the model, when it was produced, etc. 

The Founding Fathers established the Second Amendment to protect the American people. They wanted to make sure the government never became too tyrannical. They knew that average citizens having access to the same firearms as the government would ensure that.

Anti-gunners will tell us we're wearing our tinfoil hats, that we're being paranoid and no one wants to come for our guns, but guess what? Every single they take is an infringement. And every inch soon becomes a mile...until they've taken everything. 

Not to mention that an Assault Weapons Ban would do nothing but turn the most popular modern sporting rifle – the AR-15 – into a "forbidden fruit." Manufacturers would no longer be "allowed" to make them, lowers, etc. and what happens? The price skyrockets. Look at what happened with fully automatic firearms. It costs tens of thousands of dollars to own one because the only ones are the market were produced before 1986. And then there's the special tax associated with owning said firearm. 

What Biden is essentially saying is he wants to price gun owners out of owning these so-called "assault weapons." He's saying it's okay to punish law-abiding citizens because people commit mass carnage. And what will fix? Nothing. Not a damn thing. You know why? Because criminals don't follow the laws.