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AP Photo/Charlie Neibergall

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Beto O'Rourke addressed the New Hampshire Democratic Party State convention on Saturday. During his speech, he pushed the desires of gun control advocates: universal background checks, red flag laws and a gun buyback program. He even went so far as to admit that he has a desire for a national gun registry. 


“This is a country that has produced the leadership that will ensure that we not only have universal background checks and red flag laws and end the sale of those weapons of war, but that we go the necessary steps further as politically difficult as they may be," O'Rourke explained. "A gun registry in this country, licensing for every American who owns a firearm and every single one of those AR15s and AK47s will be bought back so they’re not on our streets, not in our homes, do not take the lives of our fellow Americans."

Second Amendment supporters have worried about a national gun registration because it can set the stage for firearm confiscation. In order for the government to confiscate every single firearm in our nation, they have to know who owns guns and what types of firearms the person possesses. Registering every firearm makes it easier for the government to move forward with confiscation. 

The Giffords Law Center has even gone so far as to say that registration will be used for confiscation:

Firearm registration laws require individuals to record their ownership of a firearm with a designated law enforcement agency. These laws enable law enforcement to identify, disarm, and prosecute violent criminals and people illegally in possession of firearms. Registration systems also create accountability for firearm owners and discourage illegal sales. Information generated by firearm registration systems can also help protect law enforcement officers responding to an incident by providing them with information about whether firearms may be present at the scene and, if so, how many and what types.


Although anti-gunners say gun registration will disarm criminals, it would actually disarm law-abiding gun owners. Think about it. Criminals get their hands on firearms. They go through the black market and obtain them illegally. They don't care about the law. If they did, they wouldn't be criminals. Those who follow the laws are those who are responsible firearm owners. Disarming society means disarming the good guys and leaving the bad guys untouched. 

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