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Hurricane Dorian Makes Landfall In Bahamas As Floridians Brace For The Storm

Hurricane Dorian, a Category 5 storm, has made landfall in the Bahamas with winds of 185mph. It's currently one of the most powerful storms in modern history. The only hurricane that had stronger winds was Hurricane Allen in 1980, which had winds of 190mph. 


Here's what people in Florida and the Carolinas can expect over the next few days (from CNN):

Monday morning

Tropical storm-force winds will begin to move into the Florida Peninsula on Monday morning, likely occurring first in the West Palm Beach/Port St. Lucie area.

  • Outer-Bands from the storm will move through starting Monday morning, but there will also likely be times of sun in between the clouds and showers
  • On Monday morning at 8am, the center of Dorian should be just under 100 miles east of West Palm Beach
  • The hurricane is expected to still be Category 5 on Monday morning

Monday evening

Dorian is slowly moving northwest and spreading tropical storm-force winds over more of Florida. By 8 p.m. ET Monday, tropical-storm force winds will be pushing into Central Florida.

  • The center of Dorian will be around 60 miles from Florida coast between West Palm Beach and Port St Lucie
  • Some Hurricane-force wind gusts could be possible beginning Monday evening
  • Rain is becoming more frequent and heavier in the outer bands, but there will still be dry periods


By Tuesday, Hurricane Dorian should have weakened to a Category 4, with winds around 140 mph near the center. Tuesday will see Dorian start to make its closest pass to Florida as it turns to the north and parallels the coastline. Again, though the official forecast calls for the center of the storm to stay around 40-50 miles off shore, any slight deviation could bring the eye into Florida. Even if it doesn’t, hurricane force winds are likely to be over land on Tuesday along Florida’s east coast. Rain should be steady but might not be constant, depending on how close the storm gets.

At 8 a.m., the center of Dorian should be within about 50 miles of Port St Lucie/Vero Beach area. It will move northward during the day and evening. 


The storm will continue to produce hurricane-force winds as it heads north with some more weakening forecast. There is an increasing risk of strong winds and dangerous storm surge along the coasts of Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina.


This will be the closest approach to the Carolina coast. There is also the possibility of a landfall.


The storm will near the outer banks of North Carolina.


President Donald Trump took to Twitter to remind people to be cautious as the hurricane makes landfall.

Sen. Rick Scott (R-FL) reminded people to evacuate, that they can rebuild their homes, but not their lives.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) has been in constant contact with FEMA as the storm continues to move closer to the United States.

People in the Bahamas have shared videos of what's taking place as the hurricane makes landfall:



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