Here's What Came Of Antifa's Protest In Portland

Posted: Aug 18, 2019 1:15 PM
Here's What Came Of Antifa's Protest In Portland

Source: AP Photo/John Rudoff

The Proud Boys and Antifa descended on Portland on Saturday to protest, both for different reasons. The Proud Boys were protesting Antifa's violent ways, especially after the group attacked conservative journalist Andy Ngo in June. The leftist group has become known for being violent with those they deem to be "white supremacists." Antifa showed up to counter protest. Not surprisingly though, Antifa became violent. A group of Antifa protestors were screaming at police, with one guy even telling officers to "commit suicide."

According to Joe Biggs, a former staff member of InfoWars and the Proud Boys' protest organizer, the event was successful.

“We wanted national attention and we got it,” Biggs told The Oregonian. “Mission success.”

Portland Police estimated that more than 1,200 demonstrators descended on the city. During Saturday's activities, the police seized various types of weapons, including bear spray, shields and metal poles. 

Despite multiple confrontations that were recorded on video, police only arrested 13 people, two of which were juveniles. 

Six demonstrators received minor injuries from the protests, but none of them were sustained by police. One of those people went to the hospital. A seventh person was treated for a medical issue unrelated to the protests.

Police continue to investigate various assaults and crimes that took place. Crime Stoppers of Oregon is offering up to $2,500 cash for information that leads to an arrest in any unsolved felony crime.