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Huh: Portland's Mayor Is Taking A 'Tough On Crime' Approach To Antifa?

AP Photo/John Rudoff

On June 29th, conservative journalist Andy Ngo was attacked while covering an Antifa "rally" in Portland, Oregon. Ngo sustained multiple blows to the head and "milkshakes" made with ready-mix cement chucked at him. The attack resulted in a brain hemorrhage. And, still, to this day, no arrests have been made.

Right now, Portland Police are asking for the public's help in finding 35-year-old Joseph Christian Evans, who was seen beating at least one person that day. Right now it's unclear what role he played, if any, in Ngo's attack.

The Proud Boys plan to hold an "End Domestic Terrorism" rally on Saturday to condemn Antifa's vile actions, not just in Portland, but across the nation. Officials in Portland are planning for another brawl between Antifa and the Proud Boys.

“We’ve been sitting on a powder keg and everything is kind of coming to a head at this point,” Police Chief Danielle Outlaw told The Oregonian. “Not just because of what’s happening locally, but nationally.”

What's sad is Portland Police have created a map to show exactly where this confrontation is probably going to take place, based on rally permits, and where that is in relation to other city-wide events.

Portland's local Antifa affiliate, Rose City Antifa, the group who claimed responsibility for Ngo's attack in June, vowed to protest the Proud Boys' rally. And they're willing to get violent if need be. 

"We will not allow Portland to be a playground for far-right violence,” Rose City spokesman who identified himself only by the first name David said. “We will not shy away from defending the city or ourselves.”

Portland Mayor Tom Wheeler received flak for telling police officers to stand down, even though people, like Ngo, were clearly being attacked. It seems as though he's reviewed his previous stance and changed his mind. 

Wheeler said the city will have a "zero-tolerance policy" this weekend and, if need be, mass arrests will take place. Anyone who is caught breaking the law will be arrested.

He made one point clear, especially to those looking to instigate: "We don’t want you but if you do come, we will be ready for you.”

Police Chief Danielle Outlaw is currently working with local, state and federal authorities to make sure all resources are in place for Saturday, The Oregonian reported. According to Oregon U.S. Attorney Billy J. Williams meetings have taken place with "Portland police, the mayor’s office, the city attorney, the Multnomah County district attorney, the FBI, Federal Protective Service, the Port of Portland and Gresham police, the Multnomah County sheriff, Oregon State Police "

“After what happened on the 29th of June, it’s time to step up, do something different," Williams told The Oregonian. “We are working with our law enforcement partners and the mayor and others to address political violence. Our efforts are centered around marshaling resources to help out the Portland Police Bureau.’’

A few weeks ago, President Donald Trump said he was contemplating labeling Antifa "a major organization of terror," a distinction that most conservatives encouraged.

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