CNN Panelist: This Idea Is Popular Amongst Dems But It Won't Fly During The General Election

Posted: Jul 31, 2019 6:55 PM

Illegal immigration has become a hot topic issue this election cycle. President Donald Trump has worked to build a wall along the Southern Border and keep people from flocking to to our country en masse. 

During the first night of the Democratic Debate on Tuesday, one theme became clear: the majority of the candidates are in favor of "decriminalizing" the act of illegally crossing the border. 

The idea isn't popular amongst moderate and even conservative voters. For the most part, Americans want the Southern Border closed and the immigration system to be fixed. As it currently stands, people are walking across the border, looking for a Border Patrol agent and telling the agents they want to see an immigration judge. Despite what Democrats may tell you, the majority of the people crossing the border are not seeking asylum. They know about catch and release. They know that as soon as they're released into the United States that they're home free.

A CNN panel debated the idea of "decriminalizing" illegal border crossings. Michael Smerconish admitted the one thing the Democratic candidates and their campaigns refuse to see: decriminalizing illegal border crossings would not do well in a general election.

"Is that going to work, the decriminalization of people illegally crossing into the United States?" Wolf Blitzer asked.

"This is the reoccurring theme of this entire process. That which plays best, perhaps in a hall like this, is not necessarily that which is going to help elect a candidate in a general election," Smerconish said.