Social Media Censors Angel Mom For Asking Kamala One Question About Illegal Immigration

Posted: Jul 21, 2019 11:40 AM
Social Media Censors Angel Mom For Asking Kamala One Question About Illegal Immigration

Source: AP Photo/Paul Sancya

The Angel Families organization works to bring light to the issue of illegal immigration and tell the stories of Americans who were killed by illegal aliens. The head of the organization, Mary Ann Mendoza, was recently suspended from Twitter for talking about illegal immigration. The social media platform told her she wouldn't be able to sign into or use her account unless she deleted a series of tweets about the hot topic issue, Breitbart News reported.

Specifically, Mendoza slammed 2020 Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris (CA) for supporting sanctuary city policies.

"@KamalaHarris What law can I break and have you defend me so staunchly? Provide me sanctuary for our laws? Political cleanup from YOUR INACTION FOR DECADES is what it's called," Mendoza previously wrote. "You have #bloodonyourhands for every death of an American killed by an ILLEGAL ALIEN CRIMINAL you are protecting."

Mendoza's son, 32-year-old Mesa, Arizona police officer Brandon Mendoza, was killed in 2014 by an illegal alien who was drunk and high. The illegal alien was driving on the wrong side of the road for 35 miles on four different highways before he hit Mendoza head on in a violent collision. He had just finished his shift and was headed home when the accident took place.

“I’m disgusted and disappointed that Twitter is trying to silence me,” Mendoza told Breitbart News. “I had my world ripped out from under me the day my son was killed by a repeat illegal alien criminal. I am the ‘other’ side of this crisis and the end result of open borders and the careless release of illegal aliens at our borders because of time restraints.”

Mendoza said she refuses to delete the tweets and she "won't be silenced in my warning calls of what could happen to any American citizen in the blink of an eye as it did to me."

The Angel Mom told "Fox and Friends" hosts that she appealed Twitter's decision twice but the social media company is standing by their decision.

"This is the same type of verbage and language that I've been using for five years," she explained. "And I'm finding it a little strange that I ended up posting those same tweets on Facebook, letting everybody know that I had been suspended on Twitter and then Facebook put me in jail also over the same tweets that I had pictured on Facebook."

President Trump chimed in on the ordeal, encouraging Twitter to reinstate her account:

Twitter did not immediately respond to Townhall's request for comment.

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