House Passes Multi-Billion Dollar Immigration Package

Posted: Jun 25, 2019 10:29 PM
House Passes Multi-Billion Dollar Immigration Package

Source: AP Photo/Gregory Bull, File

The House of Representatives on Tuesday passed their $4.6 billion immigration package. It's important to note that three 2020 Democratic presidential candidates were absent from the vote, despite having a presidential debate that begins Wednesday night.

The House bill allocates:

• $934.5 million for processing facilities, food, water, sanitary items, blankets, medical services, and safe transportation;

• $866 million to reduce reliance on influx shelters to house children;

• $200 million for an integrated, multi-agency processing center pilot program for families and unaccompanied children, with participation by non-profit organizations;

• $100 million for legal services for unaccompanied children, child advocates, and post-release services;

• $60 million to assist jurisdictions experiencing a significant influx of migrants and non-profit organizations serving those communities;

• $20 million for Alternatives to Detention;

• $15 million for the Legal Orientation Program to educate migrants about their rights and legal proceedings; and

• $9 million to speed up placement of children with sponsors and manage their cases.

The Senate is currently trying to pass their own version of an immigration bill, which is likely to look vastly different.

House Democrats made it clear they wouldn't provide funding for a border wall but would instead focus on the humanitarian aspect of the immigration crisis.