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Dem Outrage Mob Is Out In Full Force Over Trump's Interview With Stephanopoulos

AP Photo/Alex Brandon

Democrats and their cohorts in the mainstream media are upset over an interview President Donald Trump did with George Stephanopoulos. The reason? Because Trump said he wouldn't necessarily call the FBI if a country came to his campaign saying they had opposition research on his candidate. He also brought up the fact that oppo research is a common thing in politics and that every politician utilizes it to win elections. 

These are just a few of the many, many triggered liberals. And, naturally, they're running with the idea that this would be election meddling or election interference. 

Trump committed "another act of treasonous betrayal?" Seriously? He's being put on trial for a hypothetical situation. 

Why is impeachment always the answer?

We're not talking about stolen documents. We're talking about someone willingly providing intel.


Here's the thing: this was a hypothetical situation. It wasn't reality. It hasn't happened. It hasn't taken place. And Trump said what everyone would, realistically, do in that situation. We're human and curiosity gets the best of us. We'd want to know what the other people had.

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