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Photo by Dario Cantatore/Invision/AP, File

Last week, "The View" co-host Joy Behar said she thought all Republicans in Congress should be thrown in jail for "backing a corrupt president" and his "corrupt administration."


The comments came after former White House Counsel Don McGahn refused to testify in front of the House Judiciary Committee, despite being subpoenaed. 

In Behar's eyes, President Richard Nixon was born in the wrong era, saying he would have "gotten away with everything" relating to Watergate if he were president today.

“Nixon would be — he would say I was in the wrong period of history because he would have gotten away with everything just like this corrupt president is getting away with,” Behar said. “This is an unbelievably corrupt president, corrupt administration, and the Republican Party is right behind him and they all should be thrown into jail as far as I’m concerned.”

Meghan McCain, however, took issue with what Behar said.

“If you’re going to say that all Republicans should be in jail, all of them, that–" McCain said.

“Every one of them,” Behar said.

“You should say Pelosi as well because she’s not forcing impeachment either," McCain said.

“Not yet,” Behar said.

“But if all Republicans should go to jail for not doing impeachment, Democrats should be held to the same standard as well,” McCain argued.


“They should go to jail for not impeaching him?” Behar asked.

“Well, isn’t that what you want?” McCain pressed.

“No," Behar said. According to her it was some type of "hyperbole."

The entire Russia fiasco has been a losing issue for Democrats. They've happened this point home for two years, saying President Donald Trump and his team colluded with Russians. The Democrats had their guy – Robert Mueller – investigate the claims. He found no collusion and no obstruction. It's not like Republicans chose Mueller and they could be accused of appointing someone who would conveniently look the other way. 

Democrats need to accept the fact that:

A) Trump won in 2016. Playing "what if" scenarios over and over again have gotten old.

B) Mueller found no obstruction and no collusion.

C) Most Americans want to move on from A and B. They'd be wise to follow suit.

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