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AP Photo/Pablo Martinez Monsivais

The National Rifle Association's Institute For Legislative Action's Chris Cox penned an article reminding Second Amendment supporters of the challenges – and victories – gun owners have had, despite calls for stricter gun control legislation.


Moms Demand Action founder Shannon Watts saw the piece but must have skimmed it. Either that or she doesn't understand the very basics of firearms and ammunition. She took to Twitter to attempt to call out the NRA for defending "armor piercing ammunition," the very ammo that's used for self-defense purposes.

But, what Watts didn't expect, was for the NRA to call her out on her spreading of lies. 

Anti-gunners calls for a centerfire ammo ban was such a horrible idea that the Department of Alcohol, Firearms and Tobacco opposed it. 

Apparently being anti-gun means knowing absolutely nothing about how firearms work and the different types of ammo. As long as you yell "BAN THEM ALL!" you're good to go.

But the NRA asked supporters what they thought of Watts' claim:


Watts reposted the graphic, claiming she received death threats but the comments proved otherwise. They were comments from gun owners telling Watts they opposed her anti-gun efforts. Nothing out of the ordinary. 

Within a few minutes of her post going up, gun owners flocked to her page to tell her just how wrong she was. She received roughly 300 comments before she deleted, and eventually, disabled commenting. 

That's when the NRA, once again, called her out for her shenanigans.

Watts ended up deleting her post, without answering the question. Instead, she decided to make a similar post. This time she claims the NRA is afraid of a mom. 

There's just one problem with Watts' assertion. She's not just a mom. She's not just a community activist. She's Michael Bloomberg's personal lobbyist whose main goal is to disarm other women and moms.


Gun owners never did receive an answer from you, Shannon. Do you want to ban all centerfire ammo? Or do you want to just have "common sense" laws surrounding what kind of ammo a woman, like me, can use for self-defense?

I forgot. You're just a "mom" who makes thousands (millions?) working to disarm law-abiding citizens. Not all of us can afford armed personal security and a private entourage everywhere we go. That's why we carry our firearm ourselves. Guess it must be a nice luxury to have.

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