Spot On: Here's Why Brit Hume Says Pelosi Is 'Unhinged' This Time Around

Posted: May 06, 2019 10:30 PM
Spot On: Here's Why Brit Hume Says Pelosi Is 'Unhinged' This Time Around

Source: AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite

We all know Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is doing her best to rein in the Democratic Party. She wants the 2020 Dems to move away from their progressive and back to the moderate Democratic stances that will allow them to woo middle-of-the-road voters. Her reason she wants progressives to scale back is because she's "afraid" President Trump will question the election's results if he doesn't win.

Fox's Brit Hume was spot on earlier when he explained why Pelosi has become "unhinged."

"Trump whines and complains about election results and says they're unfair all the time but he has never done anything to try to negate any election results, that I'm aware of," Hume said. "

She makes this extravagant claim and it's not her only extravagant claim in recent days. She's also said, you might recall, the other day, that Bill Barr, the attorney general, had lied to Congress and that's a crime," Hume explained. "Well, what specifically did she mean? It would have been nice if she would have been asked by members of the press corp, when she said that, what exactly she meant. "

Let's face it. Nancy has lost control of her caucus...and she's just now realizing that. She wants to rein in her party, not because she's afraid Trump won't accept the election results, but because she wants to take credit for a 2020 White House victory. She wants to be able to say that she brought the party together, that she was single handedly responsible for a Democratic president taking office. 

As Hume said, Trump may grumble about election results but he has never totally challenged or questioned their outcome. If he did, he would have been in an uproar last November when the Democrats retook the House. Was he upset about it? Absolutely. Did he grumble about it? Of course. Did he challenge every single seat a Democrat won? No chance.

Pelosi is running with this theme because, in so many terms, she's telling her fellow Democrats to sit down, shut up and get on board the Nancy train.