Wow: CNN's Brian Stelter, SE Cupp Bash Fox News' Cover Of The Mueller Investigation Because...

Posted: Mar 31, 2019 2:38 PM

CNN hosts Brian Stelter and SE Cupp on Saturday night discussed the "lessons learned" from the media's coverage of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into President Donald Trump's alleged collusion with Russia. Once the Mueller report was dropped we know that absolutely nothing took place and, as President Trump said, the investigation was nothing but a "witch hunt."

Despite knowing what they do now, Stelter and Cupp continue to defend CNN and other mainstream media outlet's coverage of the investigation. But they slammed Fox News for not instantly running with the "Trump is guilty" narrative that lefties continued spewing.

"So Fox News personalities, not surprisingly, that they are the paragons of journalism in that they, you know, journalism virtue in that they didn't obsess over Mueller the way others did," Cupp said. "But, in my opinion, Fox is not the anecdote to this problem. It is the sedative. It is like the roofie of this problem. I mean, you know, Fox isn't suspicious at all. If you can accuse some of being too suspicious, Fox has suspended suspicion. So, you know, I think Fox is trying to get away with, you know, whistling past a graveyard."

Stelter laughed in agreement.

"The h-word comes to mind. Hypocrisy. There's a lot of hypocrisy in the past week from folks who are saying 'the media should apologize to Trump.' Well, first of all, there is no such thing as 'media.' Everybody has their own version of 'media.' What I read on Facebook, what you read on Twitter, two different worlds, very different worlds," Stelter explained. "Everybody has their own view of media these days but Fox commentators are saying 'the mainstream media,' journalistic news outlets were too interested in this story. I would back up and point out that there was a bi-partisan consensus about the concern about Russians attacks against the United States."

"There was a lot of concern about Trump's lies and Trump's world's lies about that misleading attack. There was a lot of reason here to be suspicious," Stelter concluded.

And Cupp agreed. 

"And Journalists' jobs are to ask those questions. Now, a lot of the folks on Fox that were attacking mainstream media – 'mainstream media' – they are saying this was a conspiracy theory," Stelter said. "Well, some of those folks have also pushed their own conspiracy theories. So, I think that's important context."

Stelter also said journalists should be "reflective."

"This is a great moment to be reflective about the past two years," Stelter said.

"Yeah, I agree," Cupp said. 

The reason the American people have absolutely no faith in the mainstream media is because there's a constant agenda. The goal of outlets like CNN and MSNBC is to take down the Trump administration. They filter their stories so it's always about making President Trump look horrible. They're not simply reporting the facts of a story. They're continually spinning what the facts are. 

CNN has continually pushed the idea that Trump colluded with Russia during the last two years. People aren't upset with them for covering the Mueller probe. People are upset about how they covered the probe. They continually inserted their own belief that Trump was guilty. 

Instead of resorting to attacking Fox, CNN needs to buck up, admit that they were wrong and do the so-called "reflecting" Stelter talked about. Part of that reflection is admitting their wrong and taking steps to make sure it doesn't happen again. They didn't learn when Trump won in 2016. They didn't learn with the Mueller probe. Maybe the third time will be the charm?