Here's What We Know So Far About The Christchurch Shooting

Posted: Mar 17, 2019 5:30 PM

The tragic mosque shootingin Christchurch, New Zealand on Thursday has now risen to 50. 

According to New Zealand police, they will continue to have a strong presence across the country. They plan to continue patrolling the streets and have an increased presence near mosques, in case the house of worship decides to open their doors.

All victims have been removed from mosque and are currently being identified. Once the police know the victims, the next of kin process will begin, something authorities said will have "international aspects" to it. 

"Police understands the religious duty of the Islamic faith to bury the deceased as soon as possible, and is working closely with the Chief Coroner to do everything possible to expedite the process," New Zealand police said on Twitter.

Those who were evacuated from their homes have been able to return, although a police presence continues. 

The New Zealand Red Cross has activated their Restoring Family Links website, where families can register a missing family member in Christchurch. 

Police did have an update on arrests made in connection with the attack:

Authorities are still enquiring about the person in custody.

According to police, it took authorities six minutes to respond to the first 111 call that was made about the shooting. Within 10 minutes, the Armed Offenders Squad was on the scene and within 36 minutes a suspect was in custody.