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AP Photo/Steve Helber

For awhile, the news cycle was all about Virginia. First, it was Gov. Ralph Northam's yearbook photos of him dressed in blackface. Then, it was multiple sexual assault allegations made against Lt. Gov. Justin Fairfax. Nothing every really came of the news. Northam refused to resign, despite many people, both Republicans and Democrats alike, calling for his resignation. In fact, things seemed to go on as though absolutely nothing took place. 


A video from America Rising PAC, a right-leaning opposition research firm, showed Democrats refusing to say whether or not they would campaign with or on behalf of Northam and/or Fairfax.

America is in a really sad state of affairs when politicians have to hem and haw over how they're going to handle multiple party scandals like this. Why is so hard to come out and say, "No, I will not campaign with or for these men. One is a racist and the other is a potential rapist. I refuse to be associated with any person with those types of character flaws." 

It seems like a no brainer to come out and condemn Northam and Fairfax. Democrats claim to be the party of women and minorities yet they continue to associate themselves with these men. Why? Are they afraid of alienating voters? 

Newsflash: if you're standing behind two so-called "leaders" who think it's okay to dress in blackface or sexually assault another person, not only are you morally bankrupt but there's something seriously wrong with you. 


Watch. Come election time, we'll suddenly see Democrats condemn Northam and Fairfax. And their only motivation will be getting reelected. It will have nothing to do with being truly disgusting by the two men. But then again, Democrats have proved time and time again that they're morally bankrupt. This just further cements that notion.

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