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Developing: Gunmen Attack Popular Cancun Bar, Killing Five

Townhall Media

Five people are dead and five more are wounded after four gunmen with rifles and handguns burst into La Kuka, a popular bar along a main street in Cancun, Mexico. The bar is located roughly four miles from the tourist hotel zone, The Independent reported.


According to authorities, two of the gunmen were injured and remain in critical condition. 

Tensions have been rising in Cancun and Quintana Roo as the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel moves into the area. The notorious gang has been fighting with local drug cartels for territory, which leaves tourists in the crosshairs.

Quintana Roo authorities say 2018 brought 774 murders, compared to 359 in 2017. 

A shooting took place at a house in Cancun last month, where seven people were killed. Quintana Roo authorities attribute the shooting to Jalisco New Generation's ring leader. Authorities believe the shooting was also over territory. 

This is a developing story. As more information comes in, we will update this post. 

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