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Surprise! Trump Triggered Liberals With a Remark About Warren Entering The 2020 Race

Doug Mills/The New York Times via AP, Pool

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) on Saturday officially launched her 2020 presidential campaign. President Donald Trump took to Twitter to comment on the latest Democratic challenger to enter the race.


Clearly, Trump's tweet was meant to be read with sarcasm. Warren is the one who got herself in this mess. She was quick to say she's Native American so she could claim to understand the struggles of minorities. She wanted to be able to relate to people of color. Then it came out that she's only 1/1024th Native American. Her cheap political points ended up costing her more than she gained when everything was said and done.

Of course, liberals were triggered by what Trump said. Apparently referencing the Trail of Tears (because, you know, Warren is likely to be crying on the campaign trail) is suddenly racist, insensitive and down right disgusting. 


What doesn't upset liberals these days? Why aren't more liberals upset with Warren for pretending to be a minority? Oh. That's right. Because she's a Democrat. But if a Republican played that card they'd automatically get called racist, not put on a pedestal so they can run for president.


Conservative commentator and talk radio host Dana Loesch brought up one really valid point though: Warren did this to herself and she's basically getting what she deserves. If she didn't try to rack up cheap political points she wouldn't be in this predicament. 

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