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WATCH: Scalise Says It's Possible to 'Overcome Our Differences' But Democrats Must...

House Minority Whip Steve Scalise (R-LA) took to the House floor on Friday to discuss the shutdown and the crisis at the border. He made it very clear that what's happening along the United States-Mexico border is, in fact, a crisis. He cited the number of drugs, human trafficking and murder cases to back up the claim. 


But Scalise made one point very clear: the government would be open if Democrats were willing to work through the weekends to come to a compromise with Republicans. Instead, they adjourn, go home and enjoy the weekend while hundreds of thousands of federal employees are being furloughed. And they're not willing to make any kind of compromise.

To make matters even worse, Speaker Nancy Pelosi said she wouldn't give the Republicans more than a dollar for the border wall.


When President Barack Obama was in office, the situation at the border was a crisis and Democrats were willing to help out their guy. Now that Trump is asking for the same thing, all bets are off and suddenly what's taken place on the southern border no longer matters. And it's disgusting that this is their thought process.


The ball is in your court, Democrats. Will you put your money where your mouth is? 

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